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Composite wood products are made from a mixture of wood chips and/or sawdust (softwood or hardwood) and plastic (Poly-ethylene or Poly-propylene). These components are then forced through an extruder to form a composite decking. They come in different colors and resist moisture and insect damage. Composite wood products are treated similarly to indoor hardwood floors. 

Thinking about installing composite wood products? Did you know...
  • Composite decking is a good alternative if you are looking for a low-maintenance deck.
  • Composites will not split, crack, warp, rot or decay.
  • Composite wood products contain no knots.
  • They are easy to maintain and require no painting or annual sealing.
  • In most cases, only a semi-annual cleaning is needed to keep your decking looking good. Follow the manufacturer recommendations on how to protect your investment.
Things you can do to keep your deck looking good:
  • Place a mat under the grill and flower pots
  • Don't drag heavy furniture over the deck
  • Don't use a metal shovel to remove snow.


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