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Can you provide me with references?
Absolutely, I’ve compiled a list of several people here in the Bryan/College Station area that you can contact. Also, if need be, a visit to view particular jobs can also be arranged.

How does the deck design process work?
At the initial consultation, we will explore how the deck will fit into your lifestyle, in what way you will be using it, and how can it complement the design of your house as well as your existing landscaping and topography. After these questions are addressed, I can usually generate a design and a proposal within 4 or 5 days, sometimes less for simpler projects. The proposal will include a plan view, a front elevation view, along with a 3-D rendering depicting your deck as will look with your house.

What materials do you generally use?
The framing is pressure treated pine. The preservative is Micronized Copper Preservative also known as MCP. Sub-structures (the part you can’t see) is composed of a #2 grade while handrails (should you choose pressure treated handrail) are all #1 grade.

What is Micronized Copper Preservative?
Micronized Copper Preservative (MCP), as used by YellaWood® brand products, offers a lifetime Residential and Agricultural Limited Warranty against structural damage caused by fungal decay and termites for above ground, ground contact and fresh water contact applications. MCP is certified as an Environmentally Preferable Product by Scientific Certification Systems based on Life-Cycle Assessment.

Are composite decks maintenance free?
Unfortunately, because decks are constantly exposed to the elements, they do need a little attention periodically. I suppose the term should be low-maintenance, not no-maintenance. Even a composite deck should be cleaned twice a year or so to remove any mold or mildew. 

How long will a wood deck last?
Experts tend to agree that the average lifespan of a treated wood deck is in the 10-15 year range. There are obviously variables that can impact this estimate. Is the deck in a shady area with a lot of tree cover? Does your house have gutters in order to deflect water coming off roof? Is it exposed to direct sunlight all day?

When can I paint or stain my project?
Perform the following test to determine if your project is ready to paint or stain: Place a few drops of water on the area to be coated. If it beads up, it is too wet to coat, and you’ll need to wait. If it absorbs the water readily, it is ready to coat. A high quality latex paint or oil-based stain is recommended. Always check with the manufacturer before applying and follow their instructions. If the water is not absorbed by the wood, wait a few days and retest. Or immediately apply a clear water repellent and wait approximately eight weeks and then apply your chosen color of semi-transparent stain. In all instances follow the manufacturer's directions when applying water repellents or semi-transparent stains which may contain water repellent. 
When can I apply a water repellent?
It is recommended that you apply a water repellent immediately after installation is complete. 

If my project has become gray and has some surface mold on it, what can I do to restore it?
A simple solution of mild soap and a pressure washer will help clean your project of surface mold and dirt. There are also specific products at your local dealer that are made especially for cleaning pressure treated products. Keep in mind that surface mold in no way affects the decay-resistant properties of your project. After cleaning, a water repellent or a stain with water repellent can be applied to help reduce weathering of your project. *Warning* Should you feel compelled to use a pressure washer, be sure and dial down the pressure and keep the tip well away from the deck surface. Otherwise, you stand the chance of converting your pressure washer into a wood engraver!!

How do I know if my current deck is safe or not?
Click on the following link for this answer along with illustrations:

What’s involved in a “deck makeover”?
When your deck frame (the sub-structure) is sound but your deck boards and handrails are looking their age, your deck may be a fine candidate for a makeover. After stripping the old decking and rails, new deck boards can be installed as well as a designer rail to really make your deck breathe new life.

Will my deck scratch or stain?
You should treat your deck similarly to that of a hardwood floor. It’s not a good idea to drag heavy patio furniture across or let your plants sit directly onto the decking. A mat should also be placed under your grille to protect from stains as well.

Would it be cheaper to build my deck myself?
It could be, but then again...!


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