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Due to the muggy climate we have in Central and Southeast Texas, nothing on the exterior of your house is maintenance free-- your deck is no exception. Even if your deck looks good and clean, it is still a good idea to give the deck a good sweeping and hosing with water every 2 or 3 months.

If you have potted plants on the deck, place them in trays that captures overflow from watering. Always remember that moisture is a deck's enemy. Over time, even sealed wood can be damaged

Power wash machines should be avoided as much as possible and should only be used in extreme conditions. Pollen and leaves are a good food source for bacteria to promote mold, mildew, and algae. Please visit the North American Deck & Railing Association (NADRA) website for more information regarding understanding mold.

Below are additional resources for what to do for different materials in order to keep your investment protected.


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