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First, thoroughly clean your project. A clear water repellent can then be applied to your deck or other project.  If you choose to use a semi-transparent stain which contains a water repellent you need to first check that your project is surface dry. This can be tested by sprinkling a few drops of water on the wood surface. If the water is readily absorbed by the wood, apply the semi-transparent stain immediately. If the water is not absorbed by the wood, wait a few days and retest. Or immediately apply a clear water repellent and wait approximately eight weeks and then apply your chosen color of semi-transparent stain.

*Note* Please do not use chlorine bleach (sodium hypochlorite); this acid causes more harm than good to wood fibers. Not only does it give the surface a "pasty" white look, it damages the fibers preventing good adhesion of any type of top coat.

Apply a weather resistant finish. Any exposed wood- pressure treated or not- should be protected from the weather. Application of a quality, clear water repellent or semi-transparent stain containing a water repellent will help minimize the cycles of moisture take-up and loss the wood goes through outdoors. For maximum protection, apply the product as soon as the deck or other project construction is completed.


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