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(Commonly known as Ipe)

Brazilian Hardwood (Ipe) is very durable, strong, heavy, rot resistant, pest resistant and low in maintenance. Below are a few characteristics that make Ipe long lasting and a tough candidate for holding a finish that will maintain an un-weathered look:
  • The Brazilian species is one of the most stable of all the durable timbers. 
  • It dries extremely well with little checking, twisting, or bow. 
  • It is widely recognized for its strength and natural resistance to decay. 
  • It can be used in ground contact without preservatives or additional treatments. 
  • The timber has been tested by the U.S. Navy in a Panama Canal study from 1962 showing Ipe to be one of the top performers in resistance to decay, termites and borers.
If left unsealed, it will weather to a nice silver patina in about one year (depending on the sun exposure). Like with all material, a periodic cleaning of your deck is recommended. After a good sweep, scrub the deck with some warm water and detergent and rinse with the hose.

If a finished wood appearance is desired, apply a premium penetrating oil finish with a high U.V. inhibitor rating such as Penofin. This will increase the amount of maintenance on your deck, but you will be rewarded with an unmatched beauty. Rated 3 to 5 times harder than pine, cedar and redwood, Brazilian Hardwood is the #1 choice for consumers who are looking for a natural wood look on their deck.



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